EAT – Mapua Country Store

We worked on the signage for Mapua Country Store so we’re delighted to see it standing proud and open for business! Kirsten Ammann and her team have collected a range of local products (and some from further afield) from the humble spud right up to (my personal favourite) bean-to-bar chocolate from Tony Robson-Burrell’s range. She’s aiming to provide fresh produce at everyday prices – very sensible – plus some goodies to tempt us.

Olive oil at Mapua Country Store

Hits so far (as she has only just opened and I haven’t tried everything yet) are a peppery and grassy olive oil from Nelson and an excellent range of cheeses both partnering well with European-style Rye bread from Antonius Bakery (and did I mention the chocolate?…)

Chestnuts at Mapua Country Store

Alex Burnett has hand rendered a lot of the signage; he’s a proper, ocean-going, copper-bottomed, dyed-in-the-wool, old-school sign-writer who can render any font you wish by hand and make it look a hundred years old. Sadly, it’s a dying craft so I am delighted that he has agreed to teach me gilding (and any other tips I can squeeze out of him). Look out also for Mike Perry’s creative tiled floor and funky coffee station and tills. Local is great so let’s use it!


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