CHILL – Paddle boarding on a hot afternoon at Grossi

A hot, hot day in late summer and the tide is just right for a late afternoon paddle board in the sheltered waters at Grossi. Grossi Point is a favourite with families as the tiny beach is very shallow and the kids can play happily without coming to any harm, plenty of grown-ups bobbing about in the water too. Hit the tide an hour before high tide and you are good for two hours of gentle pottering about at this end of the Estuary. Catch it on the outgoing tide and you can start at Grossi and be at Mapua Wharf in what seems like moments and with barely a paddle.

The young guns got hold of our boards and showed off their muscles! – good on ’em – wish I was that age once more. We’d had a busy day with an open art studio event so we were grateful for the cool water, merest breath of a breeze and the peace of paddling in the late afternoon silvery, metallic light so typical of a Nor’Wester day.

We got our boards from another local company that we LOVE – Bridget and Toby of Moana Paddle Boards who are based at “Paddletown” on the beach at Tahuna. (Look for their red gazebo and give paddle boarding a try.)


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